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Private Roads
Private Roads

What we do

Private Roads Services Ltd ("PRS") provides services to residents' associations and companies responsible for private roads and estates in England and Wales.

We offer our own insurance scheme, a book on the law, extensive online resources for members, and a "starter pack" for residents seeking to form an association or company.

  • Organisation


    Residents in private roads need to be organised, so that they can act collectively in looking after their road, in the interests of all.  For this purpose a private company may be better than an association, especially if it is to own the road.  Our online resources for members provide guidance on running both forms of organisation, and their various advantages and disadvantages.

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PRS insurance

InsuranceAccidents will happen. The
PRS insurance scheme offers flexible, high-quality cover at very competitive rates. Why not ask us for a quick quote?  There is detailed information about our scheme in our Insurance pages, and our FAQs on insurance.

PRS membership

Woman reading croppedFor a modest annual fee, PRS membership provides you with the expertise you need to look after your road. Many associations come to us for insurance as well as membership, but you can have either or both - the choice is yours.

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