We try to avoid petty do’s and don’ts as  much as we can;  but we know from more than 20 years’ experience that our rule on contacts is one which we really do need, and we stick strictly to it.

Our services are provided to residents’ associations (as companies or unincorporated associations) in private roads in England and Wales.  Each association must maintain  a single c0ntact with us.

The contact must be a resident in the road, and a member of the residents’ association.  He or she must provide their name (first name and last name), a postal address and an email address.  They must police the rule, and make sure that:

  • All residents understand and comply with the rule
  • All communications with us take place through the name contact, and reflect matters which he or she wishes to raise with us on behalf of the association.
  • Communications with us do not include the names or addressses of other residents, save where directly relevant to a dispute or other issue on which we are being asked to advise.