7 October 2019  Our new website went live, at last, at about 1.30   Please let us know if you encounter any problems or glitches, so that we can sort them out as soon as possible.

11 October 2019  A long outage in our high-speed (300 Mbs) Gigaclear fibre-optic connection.  This lasted from the middle of the day until late at night;  very unusual for Gigaclear!  Apologies to those who were waiting for replies to emails etc from us.  We have now cleared the backlog.

12 October 2019   We have added our March 2019 newsletter, No 35, to the shop on the website.  Members will find it in our members’ pages.

14 October 2019   Our October 2019 newsletter, No. 36, has been added to our shop and to our members’ pages.  We are sometimes asked whether all our newsletters, rather than just the most recent, are available.   The answer is that we don’t make older newsletters available, because the contents will have been absorbed into other material;  in particular, the chapters of Managing Private Roads and Estates.

23 October 2019  We’ve added a new page to the Support menu on our home page.  This is called Resources, and is designed to guide users towards the help they are looking for (and of course to highlight all that we do).

23/11/19  We experienced another quite lengthy outage yesterday,  but we have now caught up with outstanding email queries.   Apologies to all who were waiting for a reply.

19/12/19:  The links in our members’ pages have been disrupted;  we think by a WordPress update.  We have just finished restoring the links to MPRE, and will be checking the rest of the website for problems. Please let us know if  you spot any problems!