What do we do?

We can help with a wide range of legal and practical issues which may affect residents in private roads, including:

  • Public rights of way
  • Private rights of way
  • Parking
  • Encroachment
  • Trees, hedges, fences and gates
  • Streams, ditches, surface water drains
  • Boundaries
  • Ownership of land and adverse possession
  • Planning
  • Other powers of local authorities
  • Security measures
  • Forms of collective organisation
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Services, and the activities of the utility companies
  • Changes of status

Our book on the law, and our members’ pages, together constitute a rich resource for residents’ associations, built up over many years of involvement in private roads in England and Wales.  Our primary aim is to help prevent problems. But when problems do arise, we stand ready to provide expert advice and assistance at very reasonable cost.

It is only right to say that there are some things which we don’t or can’t do.  We don’t carry out resurfacing, tree surgery or similar work – our members are located throughout England and Wales, and they will find local contractors to carry out such work.  And we can’t take action to start or defend legal proceedings, or to draw up deeds relating to land, since this work is reserved to solicitors and licensed conveyancers.