When we started PRS, we hoped to build up a record of firms found to have done good work, and to make the record available to members generally. This initiative failed, for lack of recommendations from members. Perhaps understandably, they were reluctant to make recommendations for fear of being held to account if a recommended firm proved unsatisfactory.

We have decided to revive the idea, prompted by a very positive recommendation from a member. Hence the single entry in the table below. We should make it clear that recommendations are made by members, and received and published by us, in good faith, but without accepting any legal liability. The information given in the table is simply information that a certain firm was felt to have done a good job in a particular area at a particular time.

We welcome positive recommendations from members, not just about firms which carry out resurfacing and repair work in private roads, but tree surgeons, lawyers, accountants and any other businesses which are felt to have done well and can be recommended.  It remains to be seen whether members are now prepared to make recommendations on the basis outlined above!  If so, they will be added to the table.

Nature of workDetails of firmTimeArea
Resurfacing and other ground work J.C. Allfrey & Co Ltd Home page of webside. Spring 2020"Sussex, Surrey and across the South East"
Road repairsCoppard Civil Engineering Contractors,
Crowborough Hill,
East Sussex,
TN6 2JE.
Early 2021"... throughout the South East of England from our base in Crowborough "