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This website brings together, in one place, the strengths of two dedicated businesses:

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Private Roads Services Ltd (“PRS”) has more than 25 years’ experience in helping residents to cope with the practical and legal issues which confront them, including the ownership and maintenance of private roads, the creation and scope of public and private rights of way, parking, motoring law, civil law and civil liability, planning and other powers of local authorities, the supply of water, power and other services in private roads, disputes and how to deal with them, and organisation by residents so that they can act effectively, in the form of unincorporated associations or limited companies. Please see the Support panel below for a summary of what we offer.

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Whether a private road is managed by a resident’s association or an associated management company, this group will be implicated in any liability proceedings in relation to the road and will need to fund the dispute or settlement of any compensation claims.

Accidents happen. Which is why it’s essential to have the right insurance in place to cover the associated costs.

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All these resources and more are available to residents’ associations in private roads which take out membership, and some are publicly available.  Use the Support menu at the top of the page to navigate.  Your association can Apply for membership (click for our Terms and Conditions), or you can visit our Shop to see publicly-available material.